Story reading, retelling and rewriting!

Hi!  Today’s class focuses on reading, speaking and writing. I chose a book named “The Wild Ride and Other Scottish Stories” as our material. The stories in this book are chosen by Gordon Jarvie. When he studied at Edinburgh, he found it was difficult to find Scottish stories for young people that were not based on Scottish history or folklore or music-hall or a combination of these, so he picked some more up to date and realistic stories from his reading and compiled this book! Here is the contents of the book:


If you like funny stories, look out for “The Consolation Prize”, “Jehovah’s Joke”, “Grumphie”, “Icarus”, or “Touch and Go!”. If you like ghost stories, try the title story of this book, “The Wild Ride in the Tilt Cart”, or “Sandy MacNeil and His Dog”-or if you’re interested in “second sight” or the paranormal, you’ll perhaps enjoy “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”. If, like me, you like stories about ordinary people set in the modern real-life world, try “Silver Linings”-published her for the first time-and “The Mystery of the Beehive” and “Alicky’s Watch”. A story from the grandparents’ generation, “Three Fingers are Plenty”. To appreciate it fully, you will have to try and imagine what it was like to grow up in a seaside village of fifty years ago, just before the Second World War.

You are going to choose a story you are interested in and read. Then, on 8:00 pm Saturday, will meet on Skype so everybody can retell the story to the classmates and how you feel about this story. I suggest you to borrow the book in a library, because you’ll get a chance to encounter other fascinating stories in this book. But if you are not able to borrow one, leave a comment below and I’ll give you a photocopy of the story you choose. At last, we vote for a story and rewrite it together! I’ll post the first paragraph of the original story on blog, and each of you write another paragraph by yourself on the comment area in sequence.

I hope you will find here authors whose writing you enjoy, and that having sampled it in the book, you will go on to look for more of it elsewhere. One good story should always lead to another.


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