What’s special in Edinburgh?

Just going to some places is not suffice for you to know Edinburgh. Today, we are going to explore the most representative things in Edinburgh: Scotch Whisky, ceilidh, bagpipe, haggis and Scotland shortbread cookies.

Today’s task is based on your choice:

-If you choose Scotch Whisky, you are going to search on the internet the information about Scotch Whisky and write a short article about the history of Scotch Whisky, the brands of it, the making process, the taste and how you feel like it; then post it on blog. My feedback will be on your writing skills, such as grammar and the structure of your article.


video-Great Scotch Whisky

-If you choose ceilidh, you need to make a small video to teach your classmates how to dance in a ceilidh and post it on blog. If you don not know how to dance yourself, go ask your local friends or join one ceilidh, they’ll be very pleased to teach you! My feedback will be suggestions about your speaking, your pronunciation, intonation and speaking grammar.


-If you choose bagpipe, you should find an expert on bagpipe (there are many on the Mile and prince street) and interview him about his stories with bagpipe. Then, write a report and post it on blog.


Scottish bagpipe-Auld Lang Syne

-If you choose haggis or Scotland shortbread cookies, you will go to a local and learn how to make haggis or Scotland shortbread from them. Then, post a recipe with photos on blog.






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